How Does Technology Impact a Child’s Development? 18-Nov-2021

Technology is increasingly being integrated into education, which means that students at schools are expected to be more involved in their learning topics. Technology has various tools that may hel Read More

How Do The Top Ranking Students Study? 19-Nov-2021

Are you pleased with your scores? Do you wish to know how top students manage to always reach the pinnacle of success with ease? It's simply the result of a few well-executed ploys. If you wish Read More

What Makes A Kid Happy At School? 11-Nov-2021

This may appear to be an impossible question to answer. We can sometimes identify the key elements at specific points in our school careers by reflecting on our own experiences and identifying what Read More

How Parents Can Discover Their Child’s Passion 11-Nov-2021

One of the most challenging tasks and issues for parents is figuring out their child's passion. There is a method to help a kid find his or her natural ability without overwhelming them, much l Read More

How to Apply for a Boarding School? 23-Oct-2021

Boarding school provides comprehensive development in all aspects of life for the betterment  of their future. In ancient times and up to the present era, boarding has been seen as a superior Read More

What Are the Best Ways to Develop Reading Habits in Students? 20-Oct-2021

Reading is one of the most fundamental skills for children in order to stand out in the competitive world.

Good reading habits not only help students excel academically but are also a ski Read More

Guide For Girls To Get Success In Boarding School Life 15-Sep-2021

Heritage Girls School is one of the most prestigious schools in Rajasthan, India. We offer an unparalleled academic experience and prepare students to excel in every aspect of their lives. Our stud Read More

Guide For Parents To Mentally Prepare Kids For Boarding School 13-Sep-2021

Boarding schools are the best opportunity for kids to experience a great education atmosphere that is personally exciting and academically stimulating. If you wanna know how parents can mentally pr Read More

What Is a Boarding School? 02-Sep-2021

Boarding school is the epitome of all round learning. It offers ample space for students to question and explore in order to bring into practise their classroom learning. Science Laboratories, athl Read More

Heritage Girls School: A Leading Boarding School for girls in India 04-Aug-2021

In the Indian educational framework, the significance of all round development is most important in a students’ life. A prestigious boarding school is one of the better alternatives to consid Read More

What Are the Opportunities and Benefits of Choosing a Girls Boarding School? 02-Aug-2021

In today’s time, twenty-first-century, men and women have equal opportunities. The barriers of gender superiority are slowly breaking down and women are able to bring equal diversity and tale Read More

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