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Include name of dish, no. of portions, list of ingredients (mentioning specific quantity is optional) and method. Please feel free to upload additional pictures or supporting video.Copy and paste recipes directly from the internet would be rejected. Max size : 10 MB.
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" We are back with the Fourth edition of "National Cooking Competition" featuring the best chefs(open to only girls) worldwide in the age group of 9-16 years in India. After the preliminary round, up to 48 participants will be shortlisted for the semi-finalsfinal to be held at Heritage Girls School's campus. Having students compete in a friendly food-centred competition will get them excited about healthy cooking and help them to develop culinary skills that they can use at home in the kitchen and later in life. The event would be widely covered across various media platforms. A participant can apply for ONE category. Submit your recipe today and enter for a chance to WIN prizes worth Rs. 50000+."

Rules Of Competition

    Online Submission

  1. Students to register through http://heritagegirlsschool.com/Web/NCC or http://bit.ly/HGSNCC2020 only; before 1st December 2019. (Recipes cut, copied and pasted from the internet would be rejected).
  2. Only girls in the age group of 9-16 years are eligible to participate. ID proofs are compulsory while registering online.
  3. One can register under any ONE of the following categories. -SNACKS -DESSERT -CURRIES
  4. Only vegetarian dishes are allowed, recipes with eggs are permitted in the desserts category only.
  5. Choose your favorite recipes. It can be any dish you have cooked, like to cook or have seen been cooked. If selected for the finals, you will have to prepare your dish LIVE in front of the judges.
  6. When submitting your entry, also include a photograph of the dish to better explain your entry and to enable the judges to shortlist the entries for the semi finals.
  7. Complete addresses needs to be provided in the application form.
  8. Semi Final & Final Round

  9. The semi final round would be at the Heritage Girls School campus in Udaipur on 25th January 2020 followed by the Finals on 26th January 2020.
  10. For the semi finals, the contestants will have to prepare their dish in a fully equipped kitchen with basic equipment. A time limit of 60 minutes will be given to prepare and present the dish.
  11. For students qualifying for the finals, a time limit of 90 minutes will be given to complete and present the dish. In the final round, the judges would add on a few surprise ingredients which have to be included in their respective recipe by all the finalists, along with implementing the suggestions of the semi final round.
  12. Basic presentation equipment will be provided. However, the finalists are required to bring their own presentation dishes and equipment, so as to enhance their dish.
  13. Detailed itinerary and instructions would be further emailed to semi finalists upon selection.
  14. Judgement Criteria

  15. A panel of Celebrity Chefs would be judging the competition and also providing feedback.
  16. Innovation in recipes and fusion of various cuisines will be given preference. Creativity, taste and presentation of the dish will also be considered.
  17. Recipes should be given keeping in mind a serving of 2-4 portions.
  18. Travel & Accommodation

  19. For the semi-finals, which would be at Heritage Girls School, a shuttle bus will be available at specific times for pick and drop from Udaipur airport/railway station. Accommodation would be provided for the 48 shortlisted candidates and their guardians at the venue itself.

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