Thank you for taking the time to explore our school. There is a world of information for you to discover. The best school for girls is out there, and you have taken an important first step to help you narrow down the selection. Finding the right “fit” when searching for an independent school is critical. All schools have certain strengths – and weaknesses - and as a family, it is your job to ask the right questions and delve beyond the rhetoric to uncover the true spirit of the school. Our school comes alive when you walk the campus. If what you see on our site piques your interest, visit us. Come see for yourself where we shine.

True to our mission, we focus on “each girl’s success” and we deliver on that promise. At no other time in your daughter’s life will so many caring educators be so invested in building her success as a student, a leader, an athlete, an artist, a rider and an adventurer.

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Admissions to all classes from IV to IX is on the basis of an Aptitude analysis in English and Mathematics. Admission to Class XI is on the basis of the results of the Board examination and or an Aptitude test. The admissions process begins once the girl is registered. The Aptitude tests for classes IV to IX, depending on the vacancy positions, are held from the month of October (date will be notified to registered candidates).

All students have to go through an interaction with the Principal before they are granted admission.Both the Aptitude test and interaction will take place in the school campus. The Registration Form is attached with the Prospectus, which can be obtained from the school on payment. A detailed document with the school policies and regulations is available in the Admission booklet that will be given once the registration is done. The management reserves the right to delete / add / alter / amend / revise / change the contents of the Prospectus at any time and without giving any prior notice.


The Academic year is from April to March and is divided into two terms. The first term is from April to September and the second term is from October to March.


Parents are required to give three months' notice in writing for the withdrawal of a child. School Leaving Certificate will be given  when Parents sign the No Dues Certificate and related formalities  are completed. The Security Deposit will be refunded only to those students who have been issued with a School-leaving Certificate and this is done only in the session following that in which the student is withdrawn. For Details please refer the Admission Booklet.


The school dues must be paid in time to enable the student to appear for the half-yearly and final examinations.

1st Instalment- Between 1st March and 31st March.

2nd Instalment - Between 1st September and 30th September.

In the event of default, a late fee of 2% per month will be charged on the due amount.  All payments to the school will be in cheque/DD made out in favor of Heritage Girls School, payable at Udaipur.  Payments are also accepted by cashless modes such as Fund Transfer/Paytm /POS.


A student must be registered with Heritage Girls School to be considered for admission. The Registration Form is provided with the Prospectus. The Principal reserves the right to admit a student in any class that she deems fit on the basis of an  Aptitude analysis. The documents to be submitted to the school once at the time of admission are:-

  • Filled & signed registration form. (Admission Booklet for school)
  • Filled & signed admission form. (Admission Booklet for school)
  • 20 Passport size photographs
  • Filled Parents & guardians details with signature & photograph. (Admission Booklet for school)
  • The phone number to be dialed on Call days (Admission Booklet for school)
  • Signed Medical History of the child. (Admission Booklet for school)
  • Filled & signed Parents Assessment form (Admission Booklet for school)
  • Medical form signed by an RMO.
  • Vaccination Card
  • Blood Report
  • Transfer Certificate/Leaving certificate
  • Copy of last 2 years Annual report
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Signed Consent letter for publication of Students' work/photographs from Admissions booklet (for parents)
  • Notarised Draft Agreement on Rs 500 Stamp paper 
  • Copy of Aadhar Card



The hand that life deals to each one is different, but one thing that needs no debate is that life is a great leveler.

Whether you are rich or poor, black or white, male or female, both good and not-so-good things happen to you at different points in your life. What makes the real difference to your character, personality and the course your life takes, depends on how you choose to play the game with the cards you have been dealt with. The art of dealing with life smartly and effectively , to a great extent, can be learnt imperceptibly, when you spend some time in a boarding school.


In the rough and tumble of boarding school life, one learns to take problems head- on right from a young age. Day school kids normally depend on parents to wriggle out of day-to day crises. Bullying by peers, tardiness, doubts in lessons learnt that day, mislaid belongings… these are just a few of the challenges school kids face in daily life. While day-scholars have a ready trouble-shooter in the form of a parent, the boarder has to depend solely on his wits to get out of these. He has to seek out his own solutions, look for peer guidance or learn to approach the right person to get out of a sticky situation.

That process trains him to be a solution seeker.


Darwin spoke about the survival of the fittest. A person who has learnt to tackle all sorts of situations in life, glides through disasters, tragedies and turmoil with a stiff upper lip. They live by the mantra, ”This too shall pass” and come out of the crisis, stronger, wiser and ready to take on life head-on.

The roller -coaster ride of boarding school life prepares children for the most difficult of times. Between the wake-up bell and lights out, the tiny, everyday nuisances make them as sturdy as steel…no hot water at the end of bath time, difficult house-mates, pulling at leathery chappatis , and the punishing schedule that starts at an unearthly hour!

“I can sleep soundly anywhere now,”saysMs M, a veteran of several years from a leading boarding school,” Sleeping in a dorm is much like sleeping on a railway platform. I can probably sleep through a tsunami”


Self- confidence comes when the self-esteem is high. When a child learns to cope with myriad situations on her own, sometimes successfully, at others times not so, she rises in her own esteem. She realizes that she has it in her to resolve conflicts, to find solutions and to confront issues. This realization gives an individual a great sense of personal achievement. Consequently, her confidence in her own abilities improves. Just compare a boarding school student and a day-scholar at a social event. The body language says it all!


Tolerance, celebrating & appreciating differences and acceptance can surely be learnt during dorm life. Caste, creed, social status, color, religion will not get you any special privileges. Who cares whether you are the Princess of Timbuktu or the daughter of a shopkeeper? You better wait for your turn at the buffet and get out of the bathroom after your scheduled four and a half minutes in there! . Nothing matters here, except your achievements.

A couple of years in a boarding school is a great learning experience. Life away from the protective embrace of indulgent parents, instills in a child qualities that develop, as circumstances throw them in to the deep side. Courage, tenacity, empathy, teamwork, punctuality and responsibility come to them automatically. The initial days away from the warm cocoon of family& home is difficult. But once they cross that stream, boarders usually love the space they get to discover themselves, to wet their toes and then learn to swim. They find themselves more resourceful, adaptable and happy adults.


Yes, Heritage Girls School is indeed a traditional public school where we learn about all the things that lie between the covers of books. We learn to read, write, count, multiply and divide. We learn Pythagoras, we learn Bildungsroman. We learn to read musical notations, to dance gracefully, to speak good English and to identify minerals& elements by their properties, We swim, sprint, cycle and kick ball .

But these are only some of the things that we imbibe during our stay in the Maitri & Gargi House over a period of time. On day one itself, we are told that we are very important. That each one of us is a valuable member of the Heritage fraternity. Whatever happens, every ‘I’ matters in the scheme of things here.

Our opinions are important. Whenever decisions are taken for us, we have a say in it. If I disagree, I have the liberty to voice my dissent , to put my ideas across, I have to be convinced ofeverything,because I am a stakeholder. Having said that, it is important that I have my side of the arguments ready if I need to be heard. So, critically evaluating everything is imperative. At Heritage Girls, we become serious thinkers at a young age.

This school takes pains to persuade us that every girl is a leader. That she is born with qualities that put her in the forefront of things; traits that make her a leader of men. Leadership is her destiny and at Heritage she is groomed for leadership . For greater things to come, to draw out her inherent talents. And opportunities are there everyday to help sharpen them.

Respect is an important value in our school. Giving respect goes hand in hand with expecting respect. It is dinned into everyone that every member of the fraternity deserves respect… the youngest child in the dorm, the helper in the kitchen, the teachers that mentor and the gardener in the vegetable plot. So we must speak politely, never forget our ‘pleases’ and ‘thank yous’,weigh our words before they come out of our lips, and be considerate at all times. An old- fashioned virtue , no doubt, but very, very important at Heritage.

Building skills is a priority at Heritage. On a typical day at Heritage, we are trained to read, write, speak, in mathematical skills, thinking creatively and critically, to resolve conflicts and negotiate. We are encouraged to enunciate, to speak correctly and persuasively and to build on our vocabulary. We are shown how reading books is enriching and enjoyable, taught to appreciate the nuances of language and style. The Cine Club screens films that teach us to appreciate and enjoy quality cinema and to speak about them intelligently.

The Heritage girls learn how to be effective organizers and planners. The girls are, in turns, responsible to arrange assemblies, tournaments, competitions and DJ evenings. We plan menus, give valuable suggestions, and spearhead events.

The focus, at the end of it all, is to grow up into a well-rounded individual, competent, confident and resourceful.

Good grooming is crucial at school.

It is instilled in us constantly that impressions count; and that first impressions are formed from grooming, deportment and attitude. Not for us the scruffy, unkempt look. Our turn- out is always neat and we take pains to practice good hygiene.

Our confidence shines through our smiles and our carriage; As young ladies, we are conscious of being Heritage ambassadors, so we put our best foot forward every time. Heritage girls like to stand out wherever they go.

Be Local, Think Global:

The girls of Heritage Girls School are proud citizens of this beautiful country. We revel in our myriad traditions, flaunt our diverse culture by celebrating our many festivals, colorful dances, mystical folk lore and our varied cuisine. We joyfully cheer every victory and achievement of our sports teams ,scientists and entrepreneurs but understand that there is a lot to be done before India becomes a superpower.

Our endeavoreveryday is to see that we raise the bar for ourselves so that we stand shoulder- to- shoulder with our counterparts around the world. Our education teaches us to shun superstitions and narrow prejudices, to celebrate differences and to embrace diversity.

Heritage grooms us to be women of substance, of sound values and impeccable character. We are keenly aware of our duties to our family, our community ,our Alma Mater and above all to our country. We will strive to contribute to the economy of our country, bring glory to her through our individual efforts. Preserving the planet is our responsibility as is to ensure equal opportunities to all.

We learn all this and much more , never for once forgetting that each one of us is … a phenomenal woman!


The new academic session begins in early April every year. Age requirement for the Classes are as follows:

Class Age at start of academic session
Class 4 8-9 years
Class 5 9 -10 years
Class 6 10-11 ½ Years
Class 7 11-12 ½ Years
Class 8 12-13 ½ Years
Class 9 13-14 ½ Years
Class 10 14-15 ½ Years
Class 11 15-16 ½ Years
Class 12 16-17 ½ Years



Every girl registered for admission into classes IV to IX is expected to appear for an Aptitude/Proficiency Assessment at the School Campus or specified center closest to the candidate’s residence. The Assessment is held from October of the year preceding that in which admission is sought. Any registration made after that day is only accepted on the payment of a Late Fee.

Offers of admission are given on the basis of the results of these Assessments and depend on the number of vacancies in each class. Some preference is given to daughters of transferable Government officials and serving Armed Forces personnel.

Admission to Class XI is granted on the basis of results of class IX and X and on the results of an Aptitude Test in English & Mathematics ( for Science/Commerce students opting for Mathematics).

Any requests for other preferential treatment are not entertained. Only in very rare and exceptional cases, the Board of Governors reserves the right to exercise its discretion in the matter of admissions


  • Attested copies of the Class X Board results.
  • A Conduct Certificate duly signed by the Principal of the school where the candidate took the Class X Board Examination.
  • The original Mark Sheet and Transfer Certificate may please be brought to the School at the time of admission; Original Marksheet is returned after verification.
  • The School fully reserves the right of Admission and its decision in the matter is final and binding and cannot be questioned.

The School fully reserves the right of Admission and its decision in the matter is final and binding and cannot be questioned.


For Indian Nationals and SAARC member countries (INR) and for International Students (USD) 

Annual Fee Structure – 2021-2022 - CBSE & CAMBRIDGE 






  Indian (Rs)

  Overseas Students US $

 One Time  Payment






 Security Deposit







 Annual Payment

 Could be paid in two       installments

 Tuition, Boarding  and lodging

 Imprest Deposit








Examination fees, Books, Uniforms and other personal expenses are not included in the above.

The school fees, charges, deposits are liable to be revised at any time.


Bursaries & Scholarships:

  • As a tribute to the  soldiers serving our country selflessly, Heritage Girls School, reserves seats for daughters of Defence Service personnel  in all grades. A bursary of Rs. 25000/ per semester in the tuition/boarding fees is awarded.
  • Wards of  civil servants enjoy a fee waiver of Rs. 25000/ per semester.

  • Students who have scored 90% and above in the class X Board examinations are  awarded a fee scholarship of Rs. 25000/ per year.

  • Sibling discount : 20% off on the tuition fee of younger sister.


Registration Form :

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