Good pastoral care at the Heritage Girls School is central to every girl’s intellectual, spiritual and emotional development. It is at the heart at what make education in this school, unique. The environment in the dormitory centres around the belief that the main objective of education is in building lasting human relationships that are sustained on the sheer strength of their foundation and on the time and effort invested in them. The ethos encourages a firm sense of community and helps to develop friendships that will be sustained and, in turn, be sustaining in life beyond the school.

The boarding experience gives the girls a chance to live and work alongside people from vastly varied backgrounds and states in India and from countries abroad is an enriching experience. The discipline and routine gives the girls opportunities to do chores and take on responsibilities that help them to become self-sufficient and independent. They learn to treat each other and all members of the community with kindness, sensitivity and respect.

All members of the pastoral community share the values and revel in the ethos created. The team responsible for pastoral care is headed by the Housemistress, essentially a teacher who ensures that the atmosphere in the House is healthy and happy She is a counselor accessible to the girls in times of distress or for academic guidance in the dorm.

The House mistress is assisted in her responsibilities by the Matron and Dorm nurses who take care of their daily needs and wellbeing ,thereby ensuring that dormitory life is smooth. The cozy, home-like atmosphere allows the girls to de-stress after a long day. The dormitories house three girls in each and are furnished with all facilities for comfort and utility. The common rooms are equipped with recreational facilities which the girls use during leisure time and serve to help in strengthening the bonding process of friends and house-mates. It is their home and the foundation of their group identity, a place they will look back with affection when they leave .

It is a traditional seven-day boarding schedule with an academic timetable with lessons from Monday to Saturday inclusive. Sunday is reserved for outings, activities and opportunities for pupils to catch up with themselves. House picnics and House nights organized from time to time ensures that the family feeling is sustained.


The boarding facility provides a homely environment. It is centrally air-conditioned. The accomadation comprises spacious, well furnished rooms with attached washrooms and changing rooms. Provision also exists for 24-hour power supply with generator back-up. Common facilities within the boarding house include study rooms, T.V. and Recreation Room.


The school boasts of two centrally air-conditioned, 150-seater student residences, the Maitri House and the Gargi House. Both houses comprise three-seater rooms with all amenities like individual beds, study tables, wardrobes. A common room on every floor has a television set, indoor games and lounging areas.

The House Mistress is overall in-charge, while the Dorm -Parent takes care of the girls assisted by e?cient dorm nurses. They ensure that the girls live in a warm, happy home-like atmosphere.There is an ambience of personal well-being in the Houses


With one on each floor in the Residence, this is where the boarders relax during their leisure hours and on holidays. It is installed with cable TV, board games, comfortable loungers and newspapers& magazines.



One of the most important areas of a boarding school is the dining experience. The Heritage Girls Mess and Dining Hall takes pride in providing world class cuisine.

Fresh farm vegetables and fruits grown in organic farms in the 12 acre campus ensure that what is served at the tables is fresh and tasty. The menu is rotated every week and takes care of providing the nutrients required for growing adolescents. The Student Council monitors the mealtimes to ensure that the menu is adhered.

Teachers seated at the heads of dining tables make sure that children eat a balanced diet. Milk, almonds and fresh fruit& vegetable juices are served everyday. The girls are also advised about ietary requirements and monitored.

Children with special dietary needs are also catered to.


It is a well- equipped 10-bed facility with a Doctor on call and resident Staff nurses. The infirmary has all the provisions to take care of the immediate medical needs of resident staff and students. The school also has a panel of specialists on call for the sick emergencies.


Safety and security of the students and staff is the top most priority at the Heritage Girls' School. The school campus is secured by trained guards who are on vigil 24/7. CCTV camera surveillance all through the campus ensures that the security is tight. Students are not permitted unescorted anywhere.

Heritage Girls School- Ancillary Units

  1. Heritage Resort:  This is a beautiful hotel perched on Lake Baghela and kitted with the best of amenities for a comfortable stay(etc. more  about the Resort).Parents of students wishing to book accommodation at the Resort to facilitate stay during their visits can request the School Reception to do so atspecial rates.The School Tavel Desk can also help you to book alternative accommodation in Udaipur for your convenience. 
  2. Travel Desk: This is a facility exclusively for Heritage parents&students whereinhelp is provided for train&flightreservations.
  3. Transport Facilities:This is meant for the convenience of visiting parents. The Travel Deskwill booktaxis for pick-up and drop and sightseeing trips during visits on demand.
  4. Digital Design Studio: The school boasts of its owndesign studio where brochures, pamphlets, all school publicationsare created.
  5. Organic Vegetable & Fruit Farm:The daily needs of the school kitchen is entirely supplied by te vegetable farm inside the campus. Great care is taken to ensure that theproducts are grown hygienically without the use of harmfulsprays and pesticides. The students enjoy fresh fruit&vegetables at mealtimes.
  6. Dairy Farm: Fresh, unadulterated milk and milk productsare suppliedto the school from the school’s own dairy. Students enjoy milk, curd, buttermilk, shakes&smoothies, paneer and ghee from the school farm.
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