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Welcome to Heritage Girls School


Heritage Girls School lies nestled in the verdant valley of the Aravalis. Home to scores of species of migratory birds the valley is a veritable paradise. Perched on the most picturesque tip of the Baghela lake, the school building sparkles like a rare jewel. A stone’s throw away, is the historical Eklingji temple which has for centuries attracted devotees of Lord Shiva from around the country. The spiritual vibrations permeate the area and this undoubtedly contributes to the academic ambiance of the school.

Launched in the year 2014, Heritage Girls School embraces the challenge of nurturing individual talents and strengths into valued accomplishments by providing an outstanding education that develops character, academic excellence, leadership, social responsibility and physical wellness. The School aims at providing an excellent education to empower each student to have a true sense of self-worth and a respect for diversity which will enable her to build her identity, to find her purpose in life and to be of value to society.


Heritage Girls  School is the vision of Dr Jaswant Bhandari an academician and scholar. He has held prominent positions as a member of The Academic Council, Exclusive Council and is a member of the Board of Control in Udaipur University. Mr Bhandari, along with an Advisory Board that comprises eminent personalities, has envisaged the alumnae of the school to become morally strong and knowledgeable pillars of society, spearheading the nation’s progress. Rooted in the ethos of timeless traditional values, the School is founded with the aim of providing young girls with a world-class educational experience delivered through an inquiry-based, student-centric, trans-disciplinary curriculum enabled by information technology. While the School  sets high expectations of work ethic and intellectual ambition that are needed to prepare for the challenges of our increasingly competitive world, it  also fosters a love for learning that will last well beyond the parameters of formal education.

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